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Heater Treater

CPPE designs and supplies various types of Heater Treaters for crude oil processing

  • The incoming fluid enters the treater well above the liquid levels in the treating section. So, there is always enough liquid head available to efficiently move the oil through the treater without danger of flooding. This is also the coolest point in the treater. Result -greatly improved liquid separation and condensation of valuable light ends.

Crude Oil dehydration

  • ASME certified pressure vessel
  • "U" Stamp certified
  • Instrumentation and control system
  • Built to applicable API standards
  • Up-flow design assures longer fire tube life-especially where water with high salt concentration is encountered.
  • Highly efficient U-Tube firebox. From one to four fireboxes are installed, depending on treater diameter
  • Firebox is equipped with "Full Octave Tuned Firing System." This patented system produces uniform heat throughout the fire tube length. Flame impingement and hot spots on the fire tube wall are eliminated. This also extends the firebox life.

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