CPPE.ca Canadian Petroleum Processing Equipment Inc. Design, Engineering, Fabrication and Supply of Crude Oil & Gas Processing Equipment
About Us

Our Story

Our Beginnings

Our company was founded by Engineers who were actively engaged and employed in the oil and gas industry. They saw a need that was left unfulfilled, and so they sought out to better meet those needs. Through this entrepreneur effort was born CPPE, Canadian Petroleum Processing Equipment Inc.

Many years later, we still serve the original international oil and gas company client and have added more customers who have entrusted us with their product and service needs.

Who We Are

Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, Canadian Petroleum Processing Equipment Inc. (CPPE) serves the Global Energy Industry supply chain with custom-built, high-availability, high-performance, skid-mounted and modular equipment for oil and gas processing.

Our principals have been serving the Petroleum Industries in Canada and abroad since 1983.

We are Engineers, problem solvers, and solution providers.

What We Do

We serve as your valued partner, embracing your problems as our own and working towards optimal solutions. We use cutting-edge industry technologies and know-how to design and build high-performance, high-availability equipment for your oil and gas processing needs.

In addition to designing, fabricating and commissioning stand-alone process equipment, we also design and build modular, turn-key Early Production Facilities with associated Power Generation for new oil field development.

We work with our clients to translate their needs into action, to maximize their operational uptime, and also assist in optimizing their Oil and Gas production and processing capabilities.

Our teams work with you to install, test, startup, operate and maintain your new equipment per operational requirements. We work with you to have the necessary replacement parts kept in-stock and ready, to mitigate undesirable situations where equipment becomes idle, production stops, and maintenance teams are left waiting for parts.

We have mobile teams who are ready to travel and be available for on-site assistance. Our Engineers are also able to assist on a consulting basis in feasibility studies and determining the viability of a proposed project that is to be put out for tender/bid.

Our priority is to assist you in maximizing your uptime and helping you achieve optimal operating and maintenance efficiencies for the life of your CPPE-built equipment.

Our Core Values
  • People First: Developing and growing talent.
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Environmentally friendly solutions
  • Quick response & turnaround times
  • Stay updated on standards-based, innovative and cutting edge solutions
  • Committed to Quality Management System and to the ISO 9001:2015 standard
  • Measure our success by setting organization goals relevant to our customers as well as our employees

About the Company

Our mission is to build Best-of-Class products while continuously improving our processes. We strive to meet and exceed the exacting needs entrusted to us by our valued customers and partners. At CPPE we are actively engaged in Professional Engineering activities related to the design, fabrication, and supply of equipment related to oil and gas processing.

We have partnerships in place to fabricate, build and assemble equipment in many pre-qualified North American and overseas shops, near water, for cost-effective, quicker transport to end-user site. We are proud of having a reputation for being price competitive, meeting target dates, and adhering to respected North American industry standards including API, ASME, and ISO.

We provide timely after-sales services to ensure that your CPPE built equipment continues to operate as designed, offering knowledgeable mobile field service technicians for on-site work.